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Kythera, also known as Tsirigo, have an important natural wealth composing a particular polymorphic mosaic. Alternating variety landscapes within a relatively small area. Pine forests, low vegetation and thyme, transitioning to olive groves, lush canyons and ravines. Gruff bare rocks and beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters.

History here makes the passage from ancient times. The era of myth. With the birth of the Celestial Aphrodite according to Hesiod and her emergence from the sea. The island of Celestial Venus, teeter between myth and reality. Invites you to experience whichever aspect of it you desire. Whatever you choose to experience, one thing’s for certain, the trip to Kythera is not another utopian promise, but a reality. Experience and discover what it is they saw, all  whom were inspired by Kythera and implemented it’s image and aura to poems, songs and movies.

It’s name is found many times in history. Ancient Greek Homer talks about it in the famous Iliad, while Goddess Aphrodite is identified with the island and takes its name “Kythereia”.   Aristotle’s mention stands out, who calls it “Porfyrousa” – cause of porphyry processing for which the island was famous in ancient times.

The island from ancient to modern times, has a long history of invaders, battles and disasters due to its strategic location. Pirates, Romans, Byzantines and later number of British and Italians leave their mark on the island through the centuries. According to historical evidence modern Kythira are found in the plural cause of the existence of the nearby Antikythera.

Traditional villages, intense natural beauty, hidden paradise like beaches, castles, famous monasteries, unique local products, hospitable and positive “aura” of the island, constitute the appropriate destination for guests who want to give meaning to the days of resting and relaxing.

A visit even for a few days in Kythera, is the best way to verify the legend, the beauty and it’s flavors. A short trek and a few days of stay in the island will delight you, while offering nice moments of discovery, relaxation and tranquility. Give your own interpretation of the myth, living the reality of Kythera.


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