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The rich Tsirigiotiko table is filled with the island’s goods, fish, meat, vegetables and pies. The local meat, lambs and goats are cooked with wine, oil, oregano and grilled.Roosters are wine cooked and hares in stew. Snails are cooked with plenty of onion, tomato, garlic and celery, while an old and difficult food is the “Bobolia” with crab, onions, curry, pepper, tomato and optionally rice.

Delicious fish soup with thick broth. Anchovies in oil with bell peppers, red pepper, garlic and parsley. Garlicky smoked whitebaits, marinated in wine. Octopus is baked with laurels and whole garlic. Roasted white seabream and saddled bream. Αmazing lobster pasta.

A fasting and very old food, beans stew with lots of onions. Beans or “louvia” are served fried too in batter since passed. Artichokes grilled with olive oil and served with lots of lemon. Traditional Food eggplants with “xinochontro” plus the eggplants with oregano along with an onion and cheese sauce.

Pies: Sweet or savory, with pumpkins, greens, xinochontro ricotta and honey, complement the food table.

The wine produced in Kythira is primarily intended for the needs of the house, as the production is small. Two varieties are grown mainly, “arikaras” that are red grapes and “petrelanos” which are white grapes. From these varieties is also produced a local “raki”  or “tsipoura” as it is called.

Olives, olive oil, coarse sea salt, oilrusks, tsirigoti sausages, xerotigana, variety of herbs, xinochontros (wheat frumenty with goat milk), oil cheese and cream cheese are the island’s most famous products. “Rozedes” are distinguished, a traditional sweet with honey, almonds, semolina, sugar and cinnamonclovers, along with “Fatourada” a delicious liqueur made of Greek tsipouro and cinnamonclover.

At your departure from the island you can purchase traditional Kythera products. First in your choices is the famous Kythera honey that encloses the perfumes of the island dominated by thyme aroma. Kythera rusks, fatourada and rozedes. Ofcourse semprevives, the flower that embeds the meaning of Kythera and also says to bring good luck.


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