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“Kaladi” in the eastern part of the island right next to the beach of Paleopolis, thanks to the vertical rock on the edge and the turquoise waters is known as the most popular. You have to walk to reach it and it is advisable to have supplies with you. The beaches are numerous and you can visit by car, with light dirt on some of them as the favorite of youngsters, pebbled shores east of the country such as “Firi Ammos” or “Xalkos”.  Kapsali with it’s beach dominates below the capital, combining coffee or drink in the shops with the gorgeous “Melidoni” for the adventure romantic. The port of Diakofti and Avlemonas have crystal clear waters, with wonderful shops for food and coffee.

Dominant and peaceful at all times, the Paleopolis beach with an intense “ancient site” aura and the small and wilder western beaches, such as Lykodimos and Kalami in the west for the climbing adventurous. Komponada beach depending on the winds of your visit period is a must go, comfortable and for all times.

“Lagada” beach stands out to the north with the EOT(Greek Organism of Tourism) blue flag and “Lorenzo” beach for couples.


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